Recruitment Week!

UCU is launching a major new recruitment campaign for 2015/16 including our first series of national recruitment weeks, the first of which commences on Monday 16th November 2015.

Recruiting new members is a priority for the whole union – branch officers, reps, members and staff – and we want to help you plan and support your activities for the coming year. We have a superb range of resources on our Build The Union blogsite here, including leaflets, posters, advice on how to invite colleagues to join and how best to organise activities in workplaces.

UCU Scotland is putting together a print scheme to allow branches to produce localised printed material for national recruitment week (16 to 20 November).  Leaflets will have a common side with national recruitment text and branches can put their own text and images on the reverse.  Leaflets will be free to branches with only a nominal cost of no more than £20 as a contribution towards delivery.  The deadline for copy is Thursday 29 October so If your branch is interested in participating in the scheme contact Murdo Mathison , UCU Scotland policy and communications officer, at as soon as possible.

Please email with any plans your branch may have for recruitment week so that we can promote and help out. 

Future recruitment weeks
week commencing Monday 22nd February 2016
week commencing Monday 25th April 2016

Douglas Chalmers – Letter in the Times Higher Education

A letter was published this week by our President Douglas Chalmers in the Times Higher Education…

I’m afraid that James Naismith has it seriously wrong when he suggests that the higher education governance bill in front of Scotland’s Parliament is based on “solutions without problems, conclusions without evidence and changes without analysis” (Unenlightened bill, Letters, 15 October). When the Von Prondzynski report was published in 2012, there were no female chairs in any of Scotland’s higher education institutions. That is some “non-problem”.

At that time, few universities published the minutes of their court meetings. In some universities, there was an inward-looking culture – a gentleman’s club atmosphere verging towards a closed business directors’ meeting. This is not the way to run a modern, highly skilled university sector.

Following the publication of the Von Prondzynski report, the courts have made some moves to get their respective houses in order. Women are now increasingly appointed as court chairs, minutes are more regularly published. However, recent University and College Union requests to Scotland’s universities on details of remuneration policies for principals and other senior staff have been met with blank responses from some and heavily redacted reports from others. This is a journey towards democratisation and transparency in Scotland’s higher education sector that still has far to go, which is why campus unions are fully behind the government’s bill.

Incidentally, bills are not “rammed through” the Scottish Parliament. The detailed reports of our contemplations can be found in our submissions to the Scottish government’s consultations on the bill – available on the website.

Douglas Chalmers
University and College Union Scotland

STUC St. Andrew’s Day Rally: ‘No Racism, Refugees Welcome Here’

STUC St. Andrew’s Day Rally: ‘No Racism, Refugees Welcome Here’
The STUC Black Workers’ Committee is organising the annual St Andrew’s day March and Rally on 28th November 2015.  The theme of this year’s march is ‘No Racism: Refugees Welcome Here’. The details are:

Saturday 28th November 2015
Assemble: 10:30 am Glasgow Green
March off: 11:00am
Rally: 12 noon GFT, Rose Street