Get Support

If you need support, your first step should be to contact your workplace branch/local association.

If you need help with a matter relating to your employment (for example, to a specific provision of your contract – salary, teaching hours, holidays etc; or to your work but not to a specific provision of your contract – for example, bullying or harassment), you should always, in the first instance, contact the secretary of your workplace branch/LA, who receives regular briefings on key employment and educational issues, or another officer/representative. They will know about the agreements and contracts that apply in your workplace, and the branch/LA may have specialist officers dealing with areas such as equality or pensions.

If you are not sure who your branch/LA secretary is, or the threat is urgent and you cannot contact your branch/LA, contact your regional UCU office directly. You can find out where your regional office is, and who you should contact, by using our branch/LA listing.

Please see below for links to some of UCU Scotland’s individual branch websites. Not every branch has a website, and you should use the branch/LA listing finder if yours is not listed.

If your branch/LA cannot resolve the problem through local negotiation and needs assistance handling the matter, it will approach appropriate officials at UCU head office or the appropriate regional office.

In the interests of efficient working and handling of enquiries, individual members are asked to not contact UCU head office directly by telephone, except to order publications and promotional items, or when asked to do so by an officer of your branch/local association or regional office.

Most queries received at head office are referred to the appropriate person at local level; so, to save delay, please follow the correct procedure.

View a list of Scottish branches and their contact details here.

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