STUC Lobbying of Scottish Party Conferences


The STUC General Council will be undertaking lobbies of the four main party conferences taking place over the next few months in Scotland.

As part of the Decent Work, Dignified Lives campaign the STUC will distribute leaflets at and around the events as well as holding public meetings. During March, they will publish their manifesto for Decent Work and continue to campaign for fair pay and trade union rights as a key element in the battle against austerity.

Undernoted are the dates of the lobbying activities. The first event is at the Tory Party conference in Edinburgh on Friday 20th February, where the STUC will be distributing an ‘alternative guide to Tory Party conference’ highlighting the impact of cuts and attacks on pay and conditions on the workers, businesses and public services upon which any public event rallies. 

Further details of the events can be found at .  The site is also linked for the STUC main site.  Details will go live on Monday 2 February.  Updates will also be provided at and on twitter using the hashtag #decentwork

We hope that UCUS branches will provide support for these events by advertising them, transporting activists to the events and through your own media and social media activities.


Scottish Tory Party Conference 20th February – Edinburgh, EICC

Scottish Labour Party Conference 7th March 2015 – Edinburgh, EICC

Scottish Liberal Party Democrat Conference 20-21st March – Aberdeen, AECC

Scottish National Party Conference Saturday 28thMarch – Glasgow, SECC

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